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Weather: CHRISTMAS and NEW YEAR, COLD hypothesis (and maybe SNOW) just for the holidays! The update is noticeable

Weather trend at the end of December: Lots of news on the wayThe weather update before Christmas and New Years is very interesting today!
From studying the latest data that we have with regard to the holidays and the last half of December the hypothesis of a frost and perhaps also a snow wave emerges!
It seems to be confirmed hence what we have been talking about for some time about a beginning of. to say rather eventful and sometimes abnormal winter that will definitely not bore us.
But let’s take turns analyzing all the details of the temperatures and rainfall expected in Italy for the latter part of this year 2021.

For a more stable bracket that is expected over the course of next week When the high pressure dominates again after many stormy weeks with bad weather, rain and snow, our attention focuses on the period that is indicative between December 20th and end of the year.

As usual, to understand what will happen in the next few weeks we need to widen our view of the entire hemisphere. Well what it turns out is that in arctic latitudes, between Scandinavia and Russia has formed an imposing one icy lake“, filled with arctic air (very cold) a real one kalter Tank which could slide towards Europe and thus a prelude Frost waves that, many times, they could also invest our land.
At the moment it is only a ‘hypothesis and as such must be taken into account, but apart from that it must be said that for several days the most important long-term international models lean towards something this kind of configuration.

The influx of freezing cold air from Northeastern Europe (Russia) could die Christmas and finally from Decemberwho have favourited Education in the Mediterranean by Cyclone vortex continuously fed straight by these cold currents, which would lead to one extremely icy phase e dynamic, with the Risk of snow at very low altitude, on site in flat land.
Im next days We will try to understand whether or not this system is confirmed. More updates will follow.

Possible frost waves from Russia between Christmas and New Years


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