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[F1] – Good evening dear readers of FormulaPassion.itwho have favourited updates to the double protest presented by Mercedes against the outcome of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, which Max Verstappen won ahead of Lewis Hamilton.

18.45 – Pirelli and junior competitions are planned for Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday, however, the FIA ​​gala is on the program. A ceremony that promises to be poison.

18.42 – Mercedes is back with the stewards too. Arm wrestling was resumed after an initial 45 minute hearing and a 30 minute break.

18.40 – Horner and Newey are talking to the inspectors again. It is 9:40 pm in Abu Dhabi.

18.35 – To downplay it, we would like to suggest to you how much Valtteri Bottas is doing now but waiting for the verdict of the Commissioners.

18.30 – In addition to the FIA ​​arbitration tribunal, the outcome of this championship could also be brought before the TAS in Lausanne.

18.20 – The time to wait seems to have come as no particular news comes from Abu Dhabi from the protagonists involved in this finale in the name of the controversy that will spark others, regardless of the final decision on the protagonists presented.

18.15 – According to the British journalist Jennie Gow, the verdict could be reached in half an hour.

18.10 – Dark faces in the houses of Mercedes and Red Bull. According to Ted Kravitz from Sky Sports UK something will change. Mercedes does not believe it can count on the lawsuit for overtaking maneuvers as part of the safety car regime, but the Brackley team is confident that it will overturn the result.

18.05 – Going back to the controversial first-lap episode in which Lewis Hamilton cut the chicane after dueling with Verstappen, the drivers’ opinion was that Hamilton should have given the position to the Dutchman.

18.00 – Horner and Newey left the meeting with the commissioners after a 45 minute interview.

17.55 – It is obvious that the race management made a technical error at the regulatory level. Carlos Sainz, for example, was very confused at the restart because he could not follow Max Verstappen because behind the Dutchman Daniel Ricciardo and Lance Stroll could not part.

17.50 – The race stewards will most likely not accept the protests from Mercedes, as the race management wanted the track to determine the winner under racing conditions at the end of a lap and not behind the safety car, which does not exactly comply with the regulations. . At this point, however, Mercedes could appeal to the FIA ​​arbitration tribunal in Paris.

17.45 – All vehicles have passed the technical controls required after the race.

17.42 – Hamilton spoke to the radio team by radio World manipulated.

17.40 – As reported by Sky Sport Germany Official interviews by Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff will not take place today.

17.35 – Hearings are ongoing between the Red Bull men, Mercedes and the commissioners. The very high offices of the respective teams are involved in these decisive phases, and Adrian Newey also introduced himself to the stewards.

17.30 – Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo stated at the end of the race that Max Verstappen deserved the title, but that there was so much confusion in the end that even they don’t know how to feel on an emotional level.

17.15 – Lewis Hamilton canceled the press conference and, like any Mercedes man, will make official statements after the commissioners’ decisions. Max Verstappen commented on the Mercedes protest: “It’s the summary of the season”.

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