In Uzhgorod, vandals threw an 8-meter-long menorah into the river. This is the sixth case of this kind. – Nach Welt

The police are looking for the perpetrator. Previously, attackers damaged Christmas lamps in Kiev, Dnipro, Nikolaev and Rivne, which were installed for the Hanukkah holiday.

On Sunday, December 5, vandals in Uzhgorod, Zakarpattia region, threw an 8-meter high menorah installed near the synagogue into the Uzh River. The Jewish United Community of Ukraine (UJCU) announced this in its telegram channel.

“The act of anti-Semitic vandalism was discovered today, December 5th. Representatives of the Jewish community called the police, ”the statement said.

For the journalists of “Suspilny”, spokeswoman for the Transcarpathian National Police Anna Dan reportedthat police officers look through surveillance camera records and interview witnesses to the incident in order to identify the criminals.

In Uzhgorod, the menorah was thrown into the river

In turn, the assistant to the chief rabbi of the region, Wingelm Mendel, Dmitry, said that after the incident, the menorah thrown in the river was damaged and replaced with a temporary Hanukiah to light the last candle (Chanukah is celebrated here). Year to December 6th – ed.).

Hanukkah, Uzhhorod, vandalism, Hanukkah

Chanukia in Uschgorod

The UJCU added that this was the sixth such attack on Hanukkiah in the current holiday season.

On November 28, a man damaged a festive lamp on Khreshchatyk Street in. installed Kiev… Vandal was stopped by the city varta.

In the early morning of November 29th, five teenagers took Chanukiah Dnipro.

November 30th, a similar act of vandalism again happens in Kiev, this time in the Troyeshchyna district.

Hanukkah, Kiev, Vandals, Hanukkah, Troyeshina

Fallen Hanukkah in Kiev

The same day OJCU reportedthat the main Chanukiah was destroyed in Nikolaev – The criminals cut the LED garlands on the lamp.

Hanukkah, Nikolayev, Vandals, Hanukkah, Nikolayev region

Damaged Chanukia in Nikolaev

And on Saturday, December 4th, the congregation reported the damaged Hanukkah in Smooth – Part of the lamps and the control panel were destroyed. Eyewitnesses to the incident reported that they had left a note on the lamp that read “The Jews abuse our tolerance”.

Chanukia, Rivne, Vandals, Hanukkah, Rivne

Damaged Chanukia in Rivne

Last year Focus talked about how the Kievites Andrey Rachok threw Chanukiah to the ground, installed on Kontraktova Square in Kiev, with the statement: “Ukrainians are power, w * ladies are a grave.”

Earlier this year the United Jewish Community of Ukraine published a report that the country was 49 cases of anti-Semitism were recorded in 2020.


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