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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) – With the winds picking up, some in Cleveland’s Hough neighborhood are already without power and fear the outage will last longer.

This is because at the risk of further outages, the crews who have been working to restore power to Hough could be busy with other service calls.

Fred Barkley, who lives on the 9000 block on Edmunds Avenue, has been without power for days.

His apartment is pitch black after the sun has set.

“Day four. I’m still cold, still hungry, still without electricity, ”he said.

Barkley even used the four burners on his gas range for light and heat, a risky measure the disabled man was forced to take.

He’s asking Cleveland Public Power to do better.

“You can’t have a company this size that treats the average person like that in the middle of winter,” he said. “It’s inexcusable.”

Every bite of food in Barkley’s refrigerator is spoiled, and he is forced to sleep fully dressed to stay warm.

But his house isn’t the only one in the Hough neighborhood that went dark last Thursday.

Several houses in the blocks around East 93rd Street have also been affected.

Barkley and others, speaking to 19 News, said the electricity company hadn’t given them any real timetable for when the lights will come back on.

“You mentioned something about an underground cable that needs to be addressed,” he said.

Many of the street lights in the Hough neighborhood have also been dark, raising safety concerns for Hough Resident Anita Cason.

“You couldn’t even see if anyone should go ahead to get you,” she said. “You couldn’t see. It was so dark out here. “

19 News identified several trucks and employees of Cleveland Public Power working on the issue in the East 93rd Street and Ansel Road area.

The company didn’t respond to a request from 19 News for information about the outage, but sources say power plant crews have been working for several days to fix an underground cable responsible for the problem.

CPP crews hope the lights will come back on late Sunday or possibly Monday, but another crew will have to come in and splice the new cable once it’s in place.

However, Barkley fears the high wind warning could cause more power cuts across town and put problems in the Hough neighborhood on hold.

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