Roma-Inter 0-3, the testimonials: Dzeko scores the goal of the former, Shomurodov who saw it? – To world

Final result: Roma-Inter 0-3

ROMA (edited by Antonino Sergi)
Rui Patricio 5 – Usually among the best in the Rome area, unfortunately tonight. Perhaps deceived by Zaniolo and Cristante, he is surprised by Calhanoglu’s corner kick. He is not responsible for Dzeko and Dumfries, another excellent parade against the Bosnian.

Mancini 5 – The only flash of his game is that he runs into the box and then hits Vina with a great ball and everything goes wrong in the back instead. Fragile like the others and a heavy yellow, there will be no next.

Reduction 5 – The Englishman is called upon to completely mess up a defense, at least in the first half. Roma scores in defense, Dzeko is a giant against the former United.

Remember 5 – Back on the field from the first minute after the game against Genoa, things are going badly this time. Inter attacks in the first half, sends balls in the middle and, like the other two teammates, is confused. Ab 62 ‘ab 6 – On an evening that is too complicated, try to get noticed.

Ibanez 5 – Mourinho choose him to keep a player almost on defensive in order to contain Perisic’s advance, however the former Atalanta struggles against the Croatian pace and Inter on the left manage to break through easily.

Veretout 5 – He should put on a gag to Calhanoglu, but the Turk makes good and bad weather against the French, he never manages to stop him and the former Milan does what he wants on the trocar. From 90 ‘Volpato sv.

Cristante 5 – His game does not start well as the ball passes by his side before bumping into Calhanoglu’s corner, he loses the direct duel with opposing metronome Brozovic.

Mkhitaryan 5,5 – He is used in the midfield position in order to then act as glue with the advanced department, he is one of the few who try at least in the offensive area. The Nerazzurri rearguard reached some conclusions.

Vina 4.5 – It seemed to be his game, first a good descent and then a great chance to score. The problem, however, is to play against Dumfries, the Dutchman easily anticipates him in the action of Inter’s third goal.

Zaniolo 5 – As one of the first to light up in Rome, he tries to outgas and put Handanovic’s goal in danger. He leaves too early and he is also not clear in the corner that leads to Calhanoglu’s goal.

Schomurodow 4,5 – Who saw If there was a better way not to make Abraham regret it, the Uzbek did it perfectly. He only touches a few balls, he only tickles Inter’s backpack.

Jose Mourinho 5 – The clash against “his” Inter couldn’t have been worse, a first half in which Roma were crushed by Inzaghi’s side on every part of the pitch. Try to take sides in the mirror, but the opponents always find a way to post, there is no real light in the middle of the field and grasslands open up outside for the Nerazzurri. Absences are an extenuating factor, but another rom is needed.

Handanovic 6 – Little asked about by the Giallorossi team, it carries out the routine administration without any flaws.

D’Ambrosio 6,5 – Look at the first outbursts of José Mourinho’s lineup. Then he grows over the course of the minutes and also helps his teammates in the push phase.

Closet 7 – Claims his physique on Shomurodov. He never gives the Roma strikers the final stroke in the direction of Handanovic’s goal.

Sticks 7.5 – Providencial with its defensive readings to contain the restart of Rome. Once again shows a lot of personality when it comes to staging the plot. The outside attack was perfect for Dumfries’ 3-0. From 76 ‘Dimarco sv

Dumfries 7,5 – He starts quietly and then takes the chair. First he saves a goal from Vina, then he uses a cross from Bastoni’s left when he falls over to bring Rui Patricio to 3-0.

Shoot 6.5 – The usual Nerazzurri lung never saves to close the Nerazzurri ball carrier. As always, the midfielder is very valuable. Ab 59′ Vidal 6.5 – Enter an amount of density in the middle of the field and play a piece you ordered.

Brozovic 7 – He leads the operations in the middle of the field and also helps his comrades in the rear guard against the Roma attacks. Positive performance by the midfielder.

Calhanoglu 7,5 – Unlock the result with a toxic trajectory also facilitated by the Giallorossi defensive mess that Rui Patricio leaves behind. Unpaid ends a textbook campaign with the submission for Dzekos 2-0. From 82 ‘Sensi sv

Perisisch 7 – He constantly presses on the left wing with his quality and often takes advantage of the overlap of the batons. He covers his own half when necessary.

Correa 7 – With his movements he brings the defense of Rome into crisis. It moves with or without the ball between its feet over the entire attack front. Forced to leave the field due to a flexion problem. Ab 59′ Sanchez 6 – He tries to find personal glory but is blocked by the Giallorossi defense, he works hard and fights for every ball.

Dzeko 7,5 – The audience is divided between applause and whistling on him. He’s not afraid to return to the Olimpico. In fact, he finds the goal after 23 minutes by completing a nice offensive plan of his own. From 76 ‘Vecino sv

Simone Inzaghi 8 – Proof of the strength of his Inter, who manages to dismiss the Rome case with a first fraction of great quality within 45 minutes. In the second half, the team creates a lead of three points, which brings them closer and closer to the top.


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