Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson saves Fortnite in the Finale of Chapter 2 – By World

He does that thing!
Screenshot: Epic Games / Kotaku

After months of speculation and a devious Instagram tease, Dwayne Johnson is revealed as the voice of The Foundation in the dramatic conclusion of Fourteen days Chapter two. Watch The Rock literally turn the entire island upside down.

The Foundation is the leader of The Seven, an organization committed to preventing the Imagined Order (IO) from abusing the nexus of all reality Fourteen days. Appears as a helmeted figure earlier in Fourteen dayssecond chapter as well as in a special Batman/Fortnite Crossover comic, today the Foundation’s face cover finally peeled off, revealing Dwayne Johnson’s handsome mug.

Dwayne Johnson als The Foundation in Fortnite.

Screenshot: Epic Games / Kotaku

Johnson’s appearance comes as no surprise to keen Instagram followers. A few days ago the wrestler / actor posted what looked like a Advertisement for his Zoa Energy Drink on his Insta, but in the refrigerator with the drinks was a replica of the foundation’s helmet.

The foundation played an important role in today’s unique event “The End” in Fourteen days. While the dice queen, who has besieged the island for much of season eight, prepares a final assault on the Forces of Good, The Foundation arrives at a familiar bunker deep beneath the island’s surface, just in time to save Jonesy from demolishing the Hands of sinister Dr. Sloan. Jonesy and The Foundation make their way to the control room of the bunker, where the two prepare to take us “to the other side”.

Cut to the surface where another member of The Seven known as The Scientist is voiced by someone very much like Joel McHale. listens Community, leads the player to the core of the island. As the entire landmass begins to tip over, players are shot into the ocean, where they see the ultimate demise of the Queen of the Dice. It turns out that even a being of ultimate power cannot survive when an entire island falls on their head.

You can watch the entire event from my point of view in the video below. Attentive observers will notice the former Kotaku Editor-in-chief Riley MacLeod in the shape of a cat accompanies my unicorn on the adventure. There is some lag and rubberbanding towards the end, but the full story is here.

As always at these finals, Fourteen days has now been down for several days as Epic prepares for chapter three to begin. The island is now upside down, so we’re getting a whole new map. Epic has set up a website that will reveal the new card once enough people have tweeted with the hashtag #Fortniteflipped.

A character who swims in the middle of the ocean at the end of Fortnite Chapter Two.

Screenshot: Epic Games / Kotaku

In the meantime, logging into the game reveals that my character is swimming alone in the ocean. Occasionally a bit of debris swims by. Someone is sending snacks, please.



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