The parents of a teenager who organized the shooting at a Michigan school were arrested. They have been charged with manslaughter. – To world

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According to the prosecutor, the parents of the boy who opened fire on classmates could have prevented the tragedy

The parents of a teenager who opened fire at a school in Michigan were arrested for manslaughter. They tried to hide from the police.

On Saturday, James and Jennifer Crumble were found in the basement of a Detroit warehouse. In order to obtain information on their whereabouts, an arbitration award was announced after they failed to appear in court on Friday.

He is charged with ignoring suspicious signs in the behavior of his son, who this week started shooting at a school, killing four people and injuring seven.

Crumbly’s attorney told the BBC that the couple were not hiding from law enforcement. According to him, after their son started shooting at the school, they left town “for their own safety”.

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