The disruption lasts until Saturday, as the Central & Victoria Line drivers go on strike over night shifts – archyde

Row of masks breaks out between subway passengers

A MASK dispute broke out between commuters on a train after a passenger refused to let others sit in a seat next to her.

Three women became involved in a brawl after a passenger wearing a black hat and pink coat refused to move her bag for anyone to sit on the subway.

At some point during the bizarre argument, a third woman pushed her way into the seat despite the pink lady’s push and kick.

Then she jumped up and shouted that she was released from wearing a mask – to which the blonde woman replied: “I am also released.”

The argument began when the second woman, wearing a black coat, tried to sit on the tube seat.

But the seated passenger said, “What’s the matter with you? Did you just come out of the cave? “

The standing passenger in the black coat protested back and said: “From a cave?

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