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The AIDS Commission (KPA) of the Gorontalo province holding a fun bike that started on Saturday (December 4th, 2021) in front of the Maharani Sovenir store and ended at the Gorontalo KPA secretariat office. This fun bike commemorates World HIV / AIDS Day. (Photo – Adc Sekda)

Gorontalo City, Kominfotik – To commemorate World AIDS Day, which falls on December 1, 2021, the Gorontalo Provincial AIDS Commission (KPA) hosted a fun bike that goes from the front of the Maharani Sovenir shop to Gorontalo KPA -Secretary’s office led, Saturday (December 4th, 2021). This fun bike was full of conviviality related to HIV / AIDS prevention.

The Funbike was opened by the chairman of the KPA of Gorontalo Province, Idah Syahidah, and was also attended by Regional Secretary of Gorontalo Province Darda Daraba and KPA administrators and representatives of HIV / Aids Insiders (PLWHA).

Idah said people with HIV / AIDS or PLWHA should be treated as normal. Never subdivide PLWHA. Because HIV / AIDS is not a shame, but a disease that needs the support of other people to heal.

“AIDS is spread not only through talking to the sick person, but also through other things like free sex, the use of needles, and other negative things. Get rid of that kind of stigma, we have to stay away from the virus, not the person, ”Idah said.

This House of Representatives also hopes that the momentum in making World AIDS Day a reality can be used as an impetus for the community to work together to care for HIV / AIDS and to understand the importance of responding to HIV / AIDS early on. Get AIDS Tested Age to Reduce Risk of Contagion.

The regional secretary of Gorontalo Province, Darda Daraba, announced the same. On behalf of the Provincial Government of Gorontalo, Darda thanked the chairman of the KPA Gorontalo and his staff for making this pleasant cycling activity full of conviviality about AIDS. In his opinion, the public needs to understand that PLWHA should not be avoided, but the disease should be avoided.

“We have to eliminate the negative and discriminatory stigmatization of people with HIV / AIDS in Gorontalo as much as possible. That means we have to approach the sufferer, we hug, the virus that we stay away from. Our hands have to be open to them and give them motivation and support. This move is expected to reduce the rate of HIV / AIDS transmission as well, ”he said.

Reporter: Echin

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