Saving restrictions not yet seen in Greece: registration for the vaccine soared 7 times – archyde

Kaczynski said Greece is currently experiencing a fourth wave of coronavirus. According to the interlocutor on the program, the situation is reminiscent of what was recorded in Lithuania about a month ago.

“The average number of cases in the last 7 days has reached almost 7,000 cases. Looks like a graphic, it could be the high point.

The number of illnesses has stayed the same for the past few days, it is not expected to increase any further, but the numbers are still impressive and as the holiday season approaches, the government has taken steps to try to correct the situation control that it does not get worse, “said the Lithuanian ambassador to Greece on Thursday.

R. Kačinskas told News Radio that the number of registrations for the first vaccine against the coronavirus increased seven-fold on the first day.

“Registration for vaccination was rushed, just 24 hours after the Prime Minister declared that from the 16th onwards, registration rates for the first vaccine rose significantly – almost sevenfold.

Over 24,000 seniors have registered to be vaccinated in 24 hours, ”said R. Kačinskas, interviewer for the news radio and Lithuanian ambassador to Greece.

He said that such registration rates are expected to continue in Greece in the future.

“And people over 60 who have unvaccinated more than half a million in Greece will be convinced,” said the ambassador.

Ambassador R. Kačinskas said on the newscast “Aktuellusis interiu” that there were also reservations related to human health.

“If the vaccines are not valid for you, no one will forcibly vaccinate you,” assured the Lithuanian ambassador to Greece R. Kaczynski.

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