Mount Semeru erupts, two districts in Lumajang It’s dark – Nach Welt


The mountain of Semeru erupts. Thick clouds seemed to be coming down from Semeru. Locals ran around trying to avoid the clumps of clouds.

“It is currently pitch black,” said Lumajang regent Thoriqul Haq on contact, Saturday (December 4th, 2021).

He added that the effects of the Semeru outbreak left two subdistricts in Lumajang pitch black.

“Two subdistricts in Lumajang are pitch black, namely Pronojiwo and Candipuro subdistricts,” he added.

So far, his party did not know how many villages were affected by the Semeru eruption.

“I don’t know how many villages are affected, but now the conditions in the two sub-districts are dark. We are still coordinating, ”he added.

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