Merkel calls on Germans in her latest podcast to get vaccinated – Nach Welt

A few days before leaving office, Chancellor Angela Merkel called on more than 600 Chancellors to vaccinate the Germans on Saturday in a weekly video podcast.

“I urge you once again to take this insidious virus seriously,” said the Chancellor, who is currently washing the fourth wave of the coronavirus across Germany, and called her “very serious” and even “dramatic”, with the country being partially overcrowded.

“The new form of Omicron in particular seems to be even more contagious than the previous ones. Get vaccinated, whether it’s your first vaccine or a booster, ”she added.

After 16 years in power, Merkel is to hand over power to Social Democrat Olaf Scholz on Wednesday after a Bundestag vote on the new Chancellor.

In the podcast, Merkel thanked “those who are responsible and understanding in these difficult times” and “persevere to protect themselves and look after others”.

“You are the vast majority in this country. They demonstrate a civic responsibility that is really wonderful for our country and without which no Chancellor and no government could achieve anything. “

One of Olaf Scholz’s first steps as head of government is to pass a law on compulsory vaccination in February or March next year.

Most of the political spectrum today supports this idea, which until recently did not find clear support.

In memory of her first video podcast in 2006, Merkel said that it was “very unusual for the head of government at the time to address the public so directly on the Internet”.

Merkel has covered various topics from digitization to anti-Semitism in her podcasts over the years, but over the past two years she has spoken often about the pandemic.

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