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Jeff Garlin

Jeff Garlin
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Jeff Garlin broke standard PR protocol this week. grant an interview Vanity fairist Maureen Ryan addressed that directly Allegations of inappropriate behavior on the set of his ABC sitcom The Goldbergs. The resulting conversation is fascinating read: a mixture of openness, defense and repeated attempts at the Control your enthusiasm Stern Categorize behavior that other people have said they feel uncomfortable about because it is simply “stupid”“ am Set der Show.

Garlin begins the interview by making it clear that he not was fired from The Goldbergs, something Ryan apparently struggled to get a straight answer on from Sony, which produces the show. Then he admits that for the last three years of the show he’s been examined by HR on the series every year, all because of his behavior, which he describes as a “yes”. “Foolishness“, A word that you will read a lot in this interview.

For a variety of mostly legal reasons that we can only guess, Garlin never describes exactly what he means by “silly” behavior – except for an example of saying “Oh, my vagina” in front of a cast or crew. Out of contextual clues, it mostly seems to mean making lots of jokes of varying degrees of inappropriateness that make the people on the set uncomfortable, who then go to HR because the series’ direct exposure to his jokes (or apparently frequent hugs) can be disastrous for their careers be. Hhere he is When asked what the HR department investigated against him:

I’m not going to go into this because I don’t want to, but basically there are a lot of things that are silly that I disagree with. When I’ve said something stupid and offensive and I work for an insurance company, I think it’s a different situation. When, as the star of the show, I asked for a shooting range and on set, shot guns every day and was a little relaxed – for me it’s an unsafe work atmosphere. When I threaten people, it’s an unsafe work atmosphere. None of this ever goes on with me. That’s not me. I’m sorry to tell you that there really isn’t a big story. Unless you want to make a story about political correctness.

For what it’s worth, Garlin seems receptive to some of the points Ryan makes with her questions – even when he realizes she has an “agenda” – mostly the repeated reminder This behavior, which from his point of view as the main character of the series may seem harmless, could appear more uncomfortable or harmful from people in lower positions Energy.

Here he is, for example When asked who decides what the difference between “silly” and harmful behavior could be:

I fully agree with you. It is a large bowl with “Who will determine?” It’s definitely gray, but we have to see it from the bigger picture, that’s how funny I am in front of the camera. I have only had negative experiences with my behavior The Goldbergs. I haven’t had it before or since – I’ve worked for Disney, I’ve worked for every studio in town.

As I said, it is a very strange interview when Ryan tries to clear up with the actor and get up on the relevant topics, and Garlin varies between speaking openly, reassuring readers that he does not mean to harm anyone, and repeatedly characterizing the problems people have raised with him as disproportionate. He also makes it clear that he quite Done with The Goldbergs definitely; He makes it clear that he is upset about how he was asked to restrict his behavior on the set of the show and expresses his belief that the long-running sitcom is unlikely to be recorded for another season.


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