Guerin Emig OU Coach search Mailbag 2.0: Dabo Swinney gets into conversation because college football has made cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs | OU Sport Extra – Nach Welt

“When Barry Switzer had a couple of off-seasons in the early 1980s, Bury Barry’s stickers were in abundance and significant numbers wanted him fired.

“I assume that the only loyalty from either side, the coach or the administration, is to the terms of the contract they signed. If the coach has been an alum in the past and, even more impressive, a player, you could have a tinged argument for loyalty either way. Doesn’t Blankenship seem to have helped? Gary Gibbs, an Oklahoma player and graduate placed with recruitment restrictions on NCAA penalties imposed by the previous administration, beat any team on the schedule they preferred but failed to beat Texas and Nebraska except for the through Sanctions limited the number of recruits. He was fired.

“The hand-wringing and beading is actually funny. I really laughed when I read your column.

“If the New York Times called this morning and doubled your salary and offered all other journalistic equivalents as perks (I assume they wouldn’t offer you a jet), would you leave?”

Jim makes an excellent case for one-way loyalty. And he’s right – given the increased speed at which coaches are being fired today, let alone the millions that are still owed to their contacts, I might as well have called sports directors “sharks” in my column.

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