Dublin flea market will be permanently closed – archyde

The Dublin Flea Market in Dublin City will be permanently closed at the end of the year.

According to the organizers, the market in the Digital Hub on Thomasstrasse is closed due to bureaucracy and rising rents in the capital.

The market was previously located in Newmarket Square between the Dublin Food Co-op and the Green Door Market.

“After many difficult and emotional discussions, we, the founders and organizers of the Dublin Flea Market, have come to the conclusion that we can no longer operate the Dublin Flea Market. Therefore, the Dublin flea market will be officially closed. “End of 2021”, it says in a post on social media.

“This wasn’t a decision that we made easily, in fact it wasn’t a decision that we felt we were in full control of. That decision was witnessed by the unfortunate bureaucracy and skyrocketing rents in the increasingly difficult city of Dublin, home to cultural spaces. ”An all time low and buildings are still being demolished to make way for more hotels and overpriced office buildings.

“The reality of the pandemic also played a role, and the shift in focus and energy that led many of us to step outside the cramped confines of the city walls.”

The market’s organizers said he had “received thousands of traders who have come from all over Ireland and even the UK and France to trade with us”.

“We believe that together we have created one of the best and most popular markets in the country,” they said.

“We know how much people miss the flea. We know this because we’re being told all the time. And we know how much we miss it because our life and Dublin are just not the same to us anymore.

“Although the flea is closed, we really hope that the new energy that is out there can be seen and heard by those in power in the new generations of young people, artists, creatives and communities … Dublin City needs to wake up and realize that it is important to create empty spaces for markets and experimental cultural use. “


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