Clover Moore Intends to Extend Sydney City’s Term as Mayor; NSW residents go to the polls – archyde

Gloria Gaynor’s hit anthem “I Will Survive” was heard at the Sydney Mayor’s Clover Moore election party in Darlinghurst tonight as she thanked some of her 500-strong army of volunteers on Election Day.

Cr Moore is well on its way to overcoming resistance to return as Lord Mayor of the City of Sydney. Another three-year term would extend her term in town hall to two decades. On Saturday evening, she told the cheering crowd that it had been a challenging campaign.

Clover Moore claims victory as Lord Mayor of Sydney for the fifth time.Credit:Jessica Hromas

“This is an election that has been postponed twice and we have been told we cannot distribute [how to vote cards] at polling stations.

“I was just wondering if people would remember it [what to do]. But they clearly did and it’s a fantastic result. “

Cr Moore thanked the five “brilliant” members of her team in the former council and paid tribute to the other five candidates on their ticket with the words “We seem to have a majority in the new council”. Voters elect 10 Sydney city councilors, including the mayor.

“We don’t know how many will be elected,” she said.

Cr Moore said her team of longtime volunteers, staff and supporters “built something very special in Sydney.

“I started out as a MP for Sydney and passed the baton on to [sitting MP] Alex [Greenwich, her campaign manager]. We are impressive. “

Early Saturday night counts suggested Cr Moore had lost voters to the independent Yvonne Weldon – the first Australian Aboriginal to run for Sydney mayor – and Labor candidate Linda Scott in the running for mayoral election.

Even if she doesn’t want to repeat her huge win of 2016, when she won almost 58 percent of the vote, Cr Moore was still way ahead of both candidates, who each secured around 16 percent of the vote on Saturday night.

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