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Ciamis News, (, – Ciami’s DPRD member Herdy Rusdiawan called on the regency government to reorganize streets in urban areas, one of which was damaged.

He said that when he was cycling on vacation, he saw many sidewalks that were in a damaged condition.

Almost half of the sidewalks in the Ciamis metropolitan area are in a damaged condition when presented.

“For example, damaged by tree roots or previously destroyed by a vehicle impact,” he said on Friday (03/12/2021).

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In addition to damage, there are several sidewalks whose function for pedestrians is no longer.

This is because the sidewalk was used to park vehicles for a long time.

It is also used by street vendors for sale by not turning the wheels of the trade.

Because the damaged sidewalk, so Herdi further, should have been repaired.

In addition, the state of the urban pavement is worn out, so regular repairs need to be carried out to restore the function of the sidewalks.

For this reason, his party asked the competent authorities to be able to carry out the repair of road surfaces.

“Do not leave the damaged sidewalk alone until the walls are scattered,” said this member of the PAN group.

Herdi went on to say that there are several parts of the sidewalk that are in a bad condition, such as on Yos Sudarso Street, more precisely near the city park next to the Priangan Hotel, you could see the sidewalk being destroyed.

Sidewalks in Ciamis are damaged and have switch functions

In fact, he said, as a sidewalk that has lost its function because it is used to sell flowers, it is near the red light of the Ciamis Sweet Market, the route to Jalan Iwa Kusuma Sumantri.

The red light at the Ciamis Sweet Market intersection is useless, there is a zebra crossing to be crossed while the sidewalk is not there as it is covered with flower trees that are sold on the side of the road.

“So it needs to be put in order to restore the function of the sidewalk for pedestrians,” he said.

Because the government of Ciamis has no determination, do not allow the sidewalks that have changed their functions to be left alone.

There are of course two budgets for pavement repairs, namely the budget and the modification budget.

Hopefully by 2022 the government can repair the damaged sidewalks in the city of Ciamis.

“Those who switched functions must also be returned because it is the right of pedestrians,” he concluded. (es/R8/HR Online/Jujang-Editor)

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