Call of Duty testers fired instead of raises – archyde

That reports among other things Die Washington Post. The testers were said to have previously been told by Activision Blizzard that they would be joining a new partner, Volt, and would even receive a raise and various perks. Instead, they were fired yesterday. In any case, one QA employee stated that he had not known anything about the dismissal round in advance.

“I feel defeated. My friends at Raven Quality Assurance have been promised a new structure for months to raise their wages, ”tweeted Raven Community Manager Austin O’Brien. “Today valuable members of the team were called to meetings and dismissed one by one.”

Raven Software is one of the developers of Call of Duty: Warzone, a very successful battle royale game. It is therefore controversial on the Internet that employees were laid off instead of receiving the promised raise.

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