Bongbong Marcos complied with the tax ruling, says Camp – Nach Welt

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, December 4th) – Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. camp alleged the presidential candidate upheld the court’s ruling on his previous tax case.

“We have complied and are very confident with the answer we presented to the electoral commission,” said Marcos’ spokesman Atty. Vic Rodriguez said in an interview.

“Now if you have any other problem or matter that Comelec should take up, then it is your legal right to do so. But we stuck to it, ”he added.

On Friday, petitioners against Marcos’ candidacy said the former senator had “no record” of compliance with payments related to the Court of Appeal’s 1997 decision on his tax case. The group around lawyer Theodore Te cited a document from the Quezon City Regional Court.

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According to the petitioners, Marcos was fined 2,000 by the Court of Appeal for failing to file income tax returns for 1982, 1983 and 1984, as well as a fine of 30,000 for 1985 “with surcharges.”

He was also tasked with paying the Bureau of Internal Revenue income taxes due plus interest.

Marcos’ camp on Saturday revealed documents showing that he paid around 67,000 yen in tax debt in 2001.

The Marcos warehouse has yet to clarify why the date on the transmission letter was 11 months before the date on the official receipt.

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