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Testimonials from the twenty-fourth episode of Big Brother Vip 2021: Delia Duran snubbed the Alex Belli-Soleil couple

It ended the The twenty-fourth episode was broadcast live from Big Brother VIP 2021 with the mention of Patrizia Pellegrino, Lulu and Jessica Selassié full of emotions for many competitors Soleil rises in particular that she drew a clear conclusion (?) in her relationship with Alex Belli, but above all had a very intimate moment with the video of her grandparents, which she could not resist and burst into tears (grade 7). An episode full of emotions for Katia Ricciarelli which opens up more and more to the public from one series to the next and shows its fragile part under the armor (class 8). Manila Nazzaro tonight she interfered heavily in the generational debate that defended Katia and all of the “seniors” in the house (grade 7).

Among the new entrances inside the house of the Big Brother VIP 2021 One competitor that immediately caught the eye is the couple that make it up Giacomo Urtis and Valeria Marini who are well on their way to becoming one of the newcomers who will not be excluded immediately (class 7). Another new competitor is Biagio D’anelliwho immediately integrated into the house, especially with Miriana Trevisan, although Alfonso Signorini no longer wanted to look into the matter tonight (grade 7). Francesca Cipriani she only spoke up to defend Maria Monsè from the allegations of the other competitors, with her behavior we notice how the showgirl always tends to create a good atmosphere in the house (grade 7).

Lulù buys self-control with glasses, but then …

A competitor has apparently been reborn Lulu Selassié who subsequently appeared with glasses and a completely new self-control, which, however, during an argument with Maria Monsè and. instantly loses with Manuel Bortuzzo (6th grade). Manuel Bortuzzo Tonight he preferred to alienate himself from the events of the Big Brother Vip 2021 house and commented on everything “I adore” (6th grade). Maria Monsè after being accused on all fronts by the other competitors, she was immunized by Adriana Volpe, who avoided an inevitable nomination (grade 6). Aldo Montano In this episode he has shown that he knows how to have fun despite the difficulties and, as a good athlete, to form a group in the house (grade 7).

Gianmaria Antinolfi became immune to by the public Big Brother VIP 2021, his recapitulation with Sophie makes him smile even more in the hope of a future engraving by the girl (grade 7). An inconspicuous consequence for Giucas Casella who was only noticeable in the nominations because of his poor memory (grade 7). Carmen Russo the bearer of order and justice in the household is also confirmed in the generational debate (grade 7). Jessica Selassié he showed all the participants a new part of himself that was not too popular with the other participants (grade 7). Miriana Trevisan with the entry of new competitors, she has shown that she is ready to forget Nicola in favor of Biagio D’Anelli (grade 6). Davide Silvestri in the house of Big Brother VIP 2021 he proved to be a good friend who was always ready to cater to the needs of his companions (grade 7). Sophie codegoni tonight she showed a new part of herself, more honestly, by explaining that she had hidden her attraction to Gianmaria from herself as well (grade 7).


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