Bale, Hazard and Isco go invisible at Real Madrid and in the market – archyde

Isco, Gareth Bale and Eden Hazard have all become almost invisible Carlo Ancelotti at Real Madrid. The coach has always defended them publicly and will continue to do so, but the reality is that the Italian no longer has any expectations of the three and neither does anyone at the club.

Ancelotti came hoping that he could change things for the three, however The ball was injured and not injured at the end of August danger Yet Isco have shown everything that suggests they are ready to start a new chapter at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu.

Neither of the three are playing at the level Los Blancos would have expected them to be. danger has the convenience of having his contract run for some time, however The ball and Isco At the end of the season, new clubs have to be found. If not, they could be professional footballers in their final months.

Total indifference

Real Madrid and the club’s fans have begun to become indifferent to the three of them, and none of them play anywhere near the level they have shown in the past.

The same feelings have started for everyone in the list of potential applicants as well. In the past, these names would have attracted immediate attention and interest, but now there aren’t many clubs that would love to sign them.

The ball has played three times for Real Madrid as many appearances this season as before Wales. His market value – according to Transfermarkt – is 10 million euros and he has not played in the Bernabeu since February 2020 or in the professional team since August. His agent points a finger at the fans, but the real fault for his situation lies elsewhere.

danger played 10 times for Real Madrid and five times for Belgium this season. Its market value has dropped to just 25 million euros, 272nd worldwide.

IscoAfter seven games this season, it is worth 15 million euros, a total of 177 minutes.

Marcelo is another player who will be looking for something new this summer, despite being in a much better position than the three above. The club captain has played 140 minutes in five missions this season and is ready to listen to offers.


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