Asen Vassilev spoke about the gradual rejuvenation of the administration – elections 2021 – archyde

Asen Vassilev

Continuing Change co-founder Asen Vassilev, who is expected to become finance minister in the next coalition cabinet, proposes a smooth resignation of the administration and the entry of young people into the hierarchy through public competitions.

Important retirees with a lot of knowledge will remain as advisors and collaborators, assured Vassilev, adding that “it is not normal for 15-20% of some administrations to be of retirement age.

As an example of the rejuvenation of the government, he cited Nikola Minchev, who was elected spokesman for the National Assembly today. “The sign of his promotion to the post is that a new generation is coming without obligations, which is constructive, does not cause injuries (…) So that not only this generation can work in Bulgaria, but also their friends can return,” Vasilev continued.

When asked why the negotiations on the political part of the coalition agreement and the discussion about the names of the ministerial candidates are being conducted in secret by the public, Vasilev replied that in no normal company or country one could say: “Pesho is bad, Tosho is good ”. Applications are checked behind closed doors.

When asked “When will you set the negotiating line”, Vasilev replied: “If we get along. Until we get to the final text, nothing is final and nothing is clear. “

Vasilev said he had not yet seen the draft budget prepared by the transitional government for next year. All detailed breakdowns should be consulted to assess whether they can be used as a basis for next year’s budget and what is the fastest way to implement them. He added that new ministries or restructuring would require a complete overhaul.

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