“Another son? After what happened to Giacomo, I don’t feel like it” – Nach Welt

“Before that hiccup in our lives, we probably both had one much bigger family. I do not want to, I don’t have the courage to have another child“. For the first time guest at ”very correct“Together with her husband Bernardo Corradi, Elena Santarelli closes the doors to a hypothetical third child after the Tumor of the firstborn Giacomo. “I can’t, I have too scared“, He adds.

In the living room of Silvia Toffanin the couple is tracing their own relationshipstarting with the first meeting in 2006. “We met in Dance club, he looked for me later, but I was engaged. Then when that relationship ended I contacted him and he replied Elena who?“Says the showgirl.” Ho played by strategy, I had to distance myself from all of his suitors, ”jokes the former footballer.

When they started dating, Santarelli understood immediately that Corradi was the right person: “The first night he came to me, I did I kissed him right away and i just heard butterflies in the stomach. I remember writing to my boyfriend that I was crazy about him, ”reveals the 40-year-old from Latina.

For the athlete, however, interest has grown slower: “If I have chosen her as the mother of my children, it is because of what I have seen in her beyond the physical aspect.”


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