Adele Reveals The Celebrity She Would Like To Meet: “The Rock”, Dwayne Johnson – “I Would Actually Cry” – Post World

Adele and beauty influencer Nikkie tutorials. Photo / YouTube

Adele has met many celebrities over the course of her career, but there’s one famous person she hasn’t met – and she says she’d be thrilled when their paths finally crossed.

In an interview with beauty influencer NikkieTutorials, the singer said she would like to meet Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

“Someone I’ve never met who I think I would actually cry is The Rock, but I know he’s now calling Dwayne Johnson,” Adele said.

“I was the biggest wrestling fan when I was younger,” she added.

The singer said she almost met The Rock once, but he and his wife couldn’t attend their concert so he sent her flowers instead.

“He sent me flowers the other day because he and his wife couldn’t do my show,” she said. “I literally fell off my chair.”

“He is unbelievable. He’s just amazing. I just want him to be my buddy. I want him to be my friend, ”said the singer.

Adele also recalled recently meeting Oprah Winfrey, a person she has always admired.

Adele and Oprah met during the “Adele One Night Only” special on CBS.

“She’s so normal,” said Adele. “No, for real. It was wild.

“My friend came with me to the site. The interview was great and then we had lunch with her and all and it was so normal. ? It’s damn Oprah! ‘”

“I can’t remember never missing out on Oprah,” she said, adding that the iconic TV host is “the nicest woman”.


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