Tanishaa Mukerji on why brother-in-law Ajay Devgn doesn’t give her tips: “I speak and he listens” – Nach Welt

After the actor Tanishaa Mukerji was absent for some time, he celebrates a comeback with Code Name Abdul, in which the Neal and Nicky actors play the role of the RAW agent Salma. In the film directed by Esh Gunturu, Tanishaa can be seen playing some high-octane action sequences.

In a recent interview when Tanisha was asked if she was even inspired by her brother-in-law the actor Ajay Devgnto get into the action genre. She said, “It’s the first time I’ve been active. I’m a very physical person, so I loved rehearsing and working with the action directors. Whenever I saw my brother-in-law Ajay Devgn, we didn’t appreciate him. As action heroes are not considered actors until I do code name Abdul. I feel like action is more about the reaction, ”Tanisha told The Free Press Journal.

If Ajay gave her any tips, Tanishaa simply laughed and said: “Have you met him before? He doesn’t give tips; I speak and he listens. “

As Tanishaa is making her comeback with Code Name AbduI, she hopes the audience will love and accept her work. She said, “I would hope that any work you do will be seen by the audience. As an actor, you have to do justice to the character or the script. That’s all I hope I’m not doing films to improve my career. I chose these films because I wanted to play these roles. Even in my last film Anna (2016) I played a journalist because I was so excited to play one. “

Tanishaa was diagnosed with Covid-19 earlier this week. She recovers while promoting the film.



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