Taliban: end of forced marriages – nach Welt

The Taliban have issued a decree that, if implemented, would end forced marriages in Afghanistan. The decree states that men and women are equal and that no one can force a woman to marry.

The decree was drafted by Taliban leader Akhuzada. It is seen as a strategic commitment to the international community, which stopped aid to Afghanistan after the Taliban came to power.

Widow is allowed to marry again

The decree also provides that women can remarry immediately after the death of their husbands and choose their new partner themselves. So you don’t have to follow the many tribal tradition for a widow to remarry a relative of her deceased husband, often a brother.

According to the decree, ministers of the Taliban government should sensitize the population to the rights of women. The Taliban also say they ordered the courts to treat women fairly.

Worsening women’s rights

Under the earlier Taliban rule, women had few rights between 1996 and 2001. They were practically banned from public life and were unable to attend school. Over the past twenty years women’s rights have improved during the presence of international forces in Afghanistan.

But this changed again after the Taliban took over again last summer. So there was Media reports about very young girls getting married. In addition, most girls are no longer allowed to go to school after puberty and many women are no longer allowed to work.

The Taliban’s commitment was welcomed by the Afghan Women’s Skills Development Center, an Afghan women’s rights organization. A spokesman called it an important step. However, she stressed that further action is needed, including in the field of work and training.


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