Skoda Slavia as a coveted station wagon? She would do a lot of shows in the Czech Republic – Post World

Mladá Boleslav’s novelty aimed at the Indian market will not see a more practical body version. The visualization shows us that it is a shame.

Only a few days ago the new Škoda Slavia was presented to the world. We could have described it in detail explore in the studioAfter all, it was one of the few ways to see the car with your own eyes. It is intended exclusively for the Indian market, on our trips we only drive test prototypes or collector’s items that have the car brought here similar to the one here Chinese Kodiaq GT.

In addition to the new Fabia and the larger Scala, the model would make little sense in our market. For private use, however, it would be more logical to introduce a more practical station wagon designed by colleague and graphic artist Honza Lušovský for the editorial team. In the implementation, he did not invent wilderness, put a backpack on the body of the limousine and Slavia Combi could go out into the world.

We believe that our locals would be very interested in a small, practical station wagon, especially after the Mladá Boleslav car maker officially confirmed the end of the Fabia Combi. But even in this case, it is not to be expected that Škoda will start implementing it for the European markets. However, this does not prevent you from evaluating how you like the Slavia station wagon. Let me know in the discussion!



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