Road traffic inspection catches up tow trucks to protest against illegal truck drivers on the N3 in KZN. to dissolve – after world

The Road Freight Association urges the government and SAPS to proactively intervene in chaotic protests rather than simply “monitoring” the activities as SA’s road traffic credibility is rapidly declining.

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Dozens of long-haul trucks are still stranded on both lanes of the N3 at Van Reenen Pass over illegal protests that began in the early hours of Friday morning.

The Road Traffic Inspectorate (RTI) confirms with Daily outsider that at least 50 trucks were “stuck” in the area at a time.

“We’re not sure if all of these trucks are part of the [protest]“Said RTI KwaZulu-Natal spokeswoman Zinhle Mgomezulu.

The blockade began around 4 a.m., with Mgomezulu and SAPS KZN confirming that protesting drivers took the keys of non-protesting truckers and that the vehicles were violently stranded.

The same modus operandi was used by some KZN truck drivers during the July riots.

Members of the SAPS Public Order Policing were present at the scene, but Mngomezulu said the officers were “not very active” and appeared to be “for lack of manpower” in their eyes.

Hauliers were also secured early Friday on the M7 near the Southway Mall in Umbilo due to a broken down truck, with the goods on that vehicle being sporadically looted.

Mngomezulu erzählte Daily outsider that she was not aware of the congestion on the M7, but the provincial police confirmed that POPs were also present there.

There has been no looting of the trucks stranded on the N3, said Mgomezulu. There were also no reports of other attempts to further block the road with debris or tires.

Protesters have also tried to block alternative routes, she said.

The streets should be cleared within an hour, she added. “We bring tow trucks”.

The protest comes on the same day Police Minister Bheki Cele is expected to testify before the South African Commission on Human Rights (SAHRC), which has temporarily set up an office in Umhlanga to investigate the July riot. The police were heavily criticized for their lack of or inadequate response to the riots, which also began with blockades of the N3.

The blocking, looting and burning of trucks on the critical N3 route – which connects the port city of Durban with the interior of the country – is not a new phenomenon in KwaZulu-Natal. Dozens of trucks have been set on fire in recent years during protests by local truckers demanding that foreign drivers not be hired in front of locals.

The Road Freight Association issued a statement Friday saying the country’s trucking industry is “once again held captive by those who prefer to work outside the law”.

The association’s chief executive Gavin Kelly said in the statement that “according to some reports” there has been “violence and looting”.

Kelly said that individuals “have taken the law into their own hands to pull truck drivers to check their personal documents.”

“The Road Transport Association has repeatedly asked the government to do what is necessary. You must deal with those above the law – the instigators who commit these acts and those who take it upon themselves to act like the police or state agencies, arrest, detain, and investigate.

“You have to deal with employers who continue to break the law, who are not registered with the various authorities under various legal requirements, or who continue to employ people at rates below the minimum wage. The SAPS must intervene and act – not stand on the sidelines and “monitor”. We quickly lose all respect as a safe, efficient and desirable route for goods traffic to and from Africa – and even South Africa. “

Calls for participation in a “national shutdown” on December 2nd were circulated this week via social media platforms, but were soon dismissed as fake news. The posters called for a reduction in gasoline and diesel prices and a reduction in VAT to 10%.

Various interest groups have called on the South African government in recent months to station a significant number of police officers on the N3 in order to stop the blockades. Some even called for the relocation of the Mooi River Toll Plaza, which is often the scene of protests and arson attacks on long-haul trucks. DM

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