Pro Football Hall of Fame presents Awards of Excellence – Nach Welt

KANTON — The The Pro Football Hall of Fame will honor some of the unsung contributors to the success of professional football.

Expanding on its mission to honor those who make a positive impact on professional football, the hall will recognize outstanding contributions from members of four groups who are critical to the success of the game on the field and behind the scenes.

Individuals who have spent their soccer careers as assistant coaches, sports coaches, equipment managers and public relations personnel will receive awards for excellence from their respective groups. These names will be exhibited in a dedicated area of ​​the Hall of Fame Museum from 2022.

“We are very excited to bring these important professions within the game into the spotlight,” said Saleem Choudhry, vice president of Museum / Exhibit Services, in a statement released by the hall. “There are hundreds of people who have made professional football the most popular sport in the United States. This is an opportunity to appreciate how you have helped build the game. “

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