Pratik Sehajpal’s sister responds when Neha Bhasin asks her to “put him on a leash” and teach him to “stop chasing after women”. – To world

singer Neha Bhasin and actors Practical sehajpal‘s sister Prerna Sehajpal got into a nasty argument on Twitter. Neha and Pratik were a “connection” at Bigg Boss OTT and had a close relationship. However, when she ran as a wildcard candidate at Bigg Boss 15, she distanced herself from him.

Neha wrote on Twitter: “Dearest @PrernaSehajpal, I’m horrified at how cute you are. Your brother is not single, you and I both know he has a girlfriend and he is pretending to be single on the show. My final suggestion to you is don’t mess with me. Main mooh khol doongi bohot zyada (I’ll reveal too much in the end). You won’t like it. ”She appeared to be responding to a recent interview in which Prerna criticized her.

“You instigated hatred, character assassination and mass bullying against me @PrernaSehajpal, the world saw it. Pratik and I were honest friends in OTT, after that I didn’t see anything honest about the two of you. Don’t wage war against me, I’m the worst person to mess with, “she added in a follow-up tweet.

Neha asked Prerna to “put Pratik on a leash” and tell him to “stop chasing after women.” She wrote: “If I can be nice please remember @PrernaSehajpal, I can stab hard too. Sting with truth bombs. Be respectful. And put your brother on a leash, that’s all you can do. Playing victims and playing dirty. All the best. I have a life and I’m sorry as hell for using and throwing the crowd. Goodbye. ”

“First, you teach your brother to stop chasing after women, to stop pretending to be single when he isn’t. Stop playing friendship, friendship and love withdrawal and really stand by your shit, then play victim while you sit and ruin life with your hatred. Misogyny is not okay, ”she added.

Neha then called himself an embodiment of “class” and Prerna “crass”. “Chapter over. Speaking of fame. Like I said, class vs blatant honey. Be glad that I took you into my life. Kyunki itne mein itna hi milega (that’s all you get). It is time to move into my high life as you crawl into your low life, ”she wrote.

Prerna claimed that she was “stabbed many times” and responded by sharing a long note on Twitter asking why Neha was “worried” about Pratik’s relationship status. “Haha ok! The only problem I see with Pratik is that you think he has a girlfriend and doesn’t accept her! But why does this treasure bother you so? It’s his private life and why do you want to get involved, his so-called friend! ”She wrote.

“Please don’t give me dhamkis (threats), I can’t do that! And enough of you just being in a chapter chasing after girls and all, since I think you don’t understand the importance of friendship. Don’t bring me any lessons or sweetheart, because everyone can see that because you keep marking me to get an answer from me, so let’s go! “

Prerna wished Neha a “very happy married life” and asked her to focus on her own life instead of watching what Pratik is doing. Prerna announced in another post that she had been blocked by Neha. “Jo sache hote hai wo yeh sab nai map (Those who are right do not do any of these things)!” She said and urged fans “not to spread hatred of anyone” and “to show respect”.

Neha slammed Prerna and wrote, “Darling @PrernaSehajpal wasn’t it you who gave interviews about me using Pratik emotionally while I was at OTT? Did you correct that statement? Weren’t you the one who told him I was his only friend but never publicly corrected your statement? Didn’t he tell you that Neha was a big star? “

“Why did he have to explain my status to you? Why did you assume that I used it? Why did you keep silent and later even stir up hatred? Ab aap bohot samehe bann rahe ho. Aapne moral reason pe usko bechara aur mujhe bachalan banne diya (Now try to appear innocent. You made Pratik the poor guy and slandered my character). #Womanophobia is not okay, “she added.

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Prerna denied inciting hatred towards Neha, but admitted that she initially disliked her. “Even if I didn’t like you in the beginning, that was my opinion and I won’t change it because of anyone! When it was changed, I said that in my interviews too, but as far as I understand you just see and hear what you want! Not my problem, honey! ”She said.

Prerna said she remained silent “out of respect” until provoked. “Even being famous doesn’t bring you any class, let me tell you that, so don’t come along! Being famous doesn’t make anyone a good person, so I believe in being grounded whatever I do! ”She added.

Neha tweeted her team’s account, her PR team confirmed to the Hindustan Times.


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