Ómicron: The Ministry of Health asks not to travel abroad due to a variant of COVID

The Ministry of Health (Ssa) alerted the population to avoid all non-essential international travel to avoid contagion of omicron, the new variant of COVID-19.

“Avoid all non-essential international travel. The possibility of getting sick from this event is high, and there are no specific medical measures against this disease.“, said the institution through a statement.

The agency added that in recent days the omicron variant (B.1.1.529) was detected, which was defined as a variant of concern and is under investigation its risk of transmission, increased hospitalization or fatality compared to other variants.

“Since the new variant of concern was unveiled, it has already been detected in ten countries: Botswana and South Africa (community transmission), as well as the Netherlands, Australia, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, Germany, Belgium and Israel. (apparently as importation of cases) “, he pointed out; However, from that day to Friday, cases have been identified in the United States and Mexico.

He expressed that in Europe new cases of COVID-19 have increased by 11%, while deaths have increased 3% in the last seven days, with Germany, the United Kingdom and Russia being the countries that concentrate the highest number of cases.



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