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According to founder Jack Dorsey’s most recent departure, Twitter’s new CEO Parag Agrawal is wasting no time shaking up the company. A Washington Post Reporting states that Agrawal today announced a “major reorganization of the company” that will result in the resignation of Michael Montano and Dantley Davis, who are the bosses of Maschinenbau and design or

Twitter confirmed the reorganization of Engadget, and a spokesman said: “Parag is focused on operational excellence and setting up Twitter to achieve its goals. These changes were made with this in mind. ” Changes include moving to a “general manager” model for teams in the product and technology organizations, which means that one person leads the work in those areas. “This enables us to act in a more cross-functional manner and make faster and more informed decisions,” the spokesman continued.

Davis tweeted earlier today a picture from an offsite team that says, “It was the highlight of the last two years on Twitter for me. Thank you to everyone for making this special. It meant more than words can describe. ” Sara Beykpouf, who worked on the company’s product team, I posted that too Today would be her last day on Twitter, although it is not clear whether this is related to the reorganization.

the Washington Post reported a companywide email said Montano and Davis will be leaving by the end of the year (essentially this month). It also showed that “the restructuring appears to be primarily affecting the company’s consumer, revenue and core technology departments, led by Kayvon Beykpour, Bruce Falck and Nick Caldwell, respectively.”

This seems to be the mood in a. to reflect Series of tweets from Twitter’s investor relations account during the Bank of America Securities 2021 Leveraged Finance Conference yesterday. Specifically, the team said: “We can move faster and get better results. We’ll be focused on the same goals, the same metrics, and the same work. “

Update (at 15:24 ET): This post has been edited to include an explanation and details from Twitter that came in after the story was published.

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