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This Saturday night, Angela Scanlon is joined by Niall Breslin, PJ Gallagher and Mary Coughlan in the penultimate episode of Angela Scanlon asks me anything.

Breslin, the famous Blizzards front man, writer, and podcaster, will talk about his love for DIY, his mother’s terrifying nickname for him, and why he thinks the world is moving too fast for all of us.

Niall Breslin, aka Bressie, will talk about his love of home improvement

Comedian and actor PJ Gallagher tells Angela why he thinks Amy Huberman is like a ham sandwich, that he’s a “crazy old hand” now that he’s 46, why he thinks he and Louis Walsh are at birth have been separated and that he believes he will eat too, if he also eats a lot of chips he will actually go bald!

Comedian PJ Gallagher will talk about being a “crazy old hand”

Singer Mary Coughlan will spoil Angela with stories about her nude modeling career in Limerick, teach Julia Roberts to sing, her interest in Celtic spirituality and shamanism and who is on her Whatsapp group “Three Hairy Bitches”.

Mary Coughlan will speak about how to teach Julia Roberts to sing

Regard Angela Scanlon asks me anything this Saturday evening on RTÉ One at 9:50 p.m.

The eight-part series ends next Saturday, December 11th.

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