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In a bizarre new development, Take-Two has the makers of It takes two to give up the brand for the name of the game so that people would be the publisher of. don’t confuse Grand Theft Auto with a platform puzzler about a crumbling marriage.

As reported from Eurogamer, Take-Two hit indie studio Hazelight with a trademark claim shortly after the game was released in March. A legal dance followed, but in the meantime the studio had to give up the brand under the direction of the outspoken game designer Josef Fares It takes two Name.

A spokesman for Hazelight said Eurogamer that it “cannot comment on ongoing disputes” but “hopes that it will be settled”. It is unclear how this will affect the game and the studio at this point, but according to industry analyst Mike Futter, It takes two will not be forced to be renamed – instead Hazelight and EA only cannot legally protect the name and therefore may assert claims against Take-Two at some point in the future. You could choose to do it change the name itself to avoid it, but it’s unclear how much that would get them.

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It takes two is the third game by Josef Fares, famous for innovative indie games and say a lot of “fuck”, and the second game developed by Hazelight that he founded. After the critically acclaimed games Brothers: A Story of Two Sons in 2013 and A way out in 2018, It takes two was revealed on EA Play in 2020, a full nine months before its release, and long before the notoriously contentious Take-Two ruled that its attorneys didn’t have enough lighthearted work to do. Take-Two did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

As noted by Eurogamer, Take-Two has charged the US Patent Office with dozens of other dubious claims against companies using generic words such as “rock star”, “mafia” and “civilization”. Or also “Star rock.“

The reason companies take such steps is essentially to future proof their own rights. When Take-Two decided to do a full commercial Campaign around “It Takes Two” for example, at this point EA or Hazelight could enforce their own brand to prevent this. Take-Two doesn’t have to worry by forcing her to give it up now. But wow, it still sucks, especially when you exaggerate like that.

This follows the publisher’s warpath against GTA modders and fan projects in advance too, and after starting, the disastrous GTA-Trilogy remaster.

Take-Two has targeted other game studios as well, including not until October when it went after that Mobile games company Tripledot Studioswho have requested more time to familiarize themselves with the Recently filed trademark claim.

So far, however, the lawsuit with Hazelight does not appear to have hampered the launch of It takes twoo too bad. The game published by EA sold over 3 million copies and was nominated for multiple categories at this year’s Game Awards, including game of the year.


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