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Much of the current FK Senica staff are fighting for their salaries, which the players have not seen in a long time. One of the biggest supports is aimed at competition among Dubňa. According to information from Š, the owner Oldřich Duda even had to end up in the club.

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The current ninth team in the Slovak Fortuna League is always in a very difficult situation. Senici is not only threatened with severe sanctions from the International Football Association (FIFA) and the Slovak Football Association (SFZ), but has also lost its biggest offensive star, according to the latest FK reports.

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Everything has one common denominator – lack of salaries. In the current season of the Fortuna League, FK Senica had nothing to thank for its reputation. As confirmed for Zahorie’s team, a source close to the club, reportedly owed the most employee funds in the past three months. The social networking star from Indonesia, Ega Maulana Vikri, is no exception.

Czech footballers in Senice should already seek help from the Czech Football Players Association (CAFH) to which they belong, and the club should be called for overdue debts. Something similar to what happened in the recent past at the now three-tier club FC Nitra. We also turned to the CAFH with a request for an answer, but they did not want to comment.


Adam Kopas (MŠK Žilina) and Elvis Sukisa Mashike (FK Senica)

Source: TASR

According to our information, the best scorer of the club Elvis Sukis Mashike is among the players to whom Senica owes money in the last three months. As we learned, the author of Seven Gates will soon become a free agent and his next steps should lead to MŠK Žilina. A 27 year old Congolese can get “Shoshons” for free.

But that’s not all. The owner of FK Senica should resign from his position as chairman of the board on Wednesday Oldrich Duda and the future of the club is still in question. The current management is reportedly trying to pay the players at least some of the funds for the missing payments so that the CAFH call is withdrawn and the club does not lose any more of its staff.


Oldrich Duda, FK Senica

Source: TASR

We have also given space for a comment from FK Senica, but the two-time Slovak runners-up has not yet responded to our report. We will continue to monitor the situation in the club closely.

Union of League Clubs, the governing body of the Fortuna League, on the question PORT.skwhether he monitors the above-mentioned problems at FK Senica with the players and whether he communicates with the club, responded in a short statement with the words: “We have no information. In contrast to other sports, professional footballers have guaranteed contractual protection directly in the regulations of the national association and most of them are employees of football clubs, despite the unclear situation from the state perspective regarding the recruitment of professional athletes.

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