COVID-19: “Apparently it is,” says AMLO about possible omicron case in Mexico

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) reported that a case of a man carrying the new omicron variant of COVID-19 in Mexico is being analyzed, although “apparently it is.”

AMLO, during on press conference “morning”, he assured: “Apparently it is this new variant”, in relation to a Mexican who was in South Africa and is admitted to a private hospital with symptoms of COVID-19.

President López Obrador accused that there was irresponsibility when reporting on omicronIn addition, a campaign has been created against South Africa, almost suggesting that the country and all of Africa be sanitary fences for the new variant.

Too pointed out that the omicron variable is not more dangerous than the others; the mexican patient It is “of a good level” and is under observation “in very good condition”.

Ministry of Health updates omicron surveillance protocols

On November 26, before the recent recognition of omicron, the Ministry of Health (Ssa) reported that it updated the genomic surveillance protocols for the intentional search of said variant.

“If necessary, the sanitary measures taken will be guided by the available scientific evidence”added.

In turn, on November 30, the Undersecretary of Health, Hugo López-Gatell, pointed out that the new variant would reach the country as happened with delta, and stated that it has not been proven to be of higher transmissibility.

“We can guarantee that omicron will end up being one of the predominant variables in the world, of course it can include Mexico, let’s take it for granted, just as it will reach other countries. It has not been proven that it is more virulent or causes serious disease and it does not escape the immune response neither postinfectious, nor postvaccine, “he assured.

The new omicron variant of the coronavirus presents “a very high risk” for the world, warned this Monday the World Health Organization (WHO) underlining that there are still many unknowns about this variant, especially about the real danger it represents.

“So far, no deaths associated with the omicron variant have been recorded”said the WHO in a technical document published on Monday, in which it also gives advice to the authorities to try to stop its advance.

“Given the mutations that could give it the ability to escape an immune response, and give it an advantage in terms of transmissibility, the probability that omicron will spread worldwide is high,” indicates the organization, while expanding the list of countries where the variant has been detected after the first cases in southern Africa this November.



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