Court says “no record” that Bongbong Marcos complied with tax bill – petitioners – archyde

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, December 3rd) – Petitioners contesting Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.’s offer for 2022 said the president’s beacon of hope had “failed” the court’s ruling in his previous tax proceeding.

In a statement Friday, attorney Theodore Te’s group said they had obtained documents from the Quezon City Regional Trial Court (RTC) related to Marcos’ case, including a certificate stating that there were “no records” of “compliance.” the payment or satisfaction “gives” of the 1995 RTC ruling or the 1997 Court of Appeals (CA) ruling.

“This is to certify that the files do not contain any documents regarding compliance with the payment or compliance with the decision of the Regional Court of July 27, 1995 or the Court of Appeal of October 31, 1997”, it says on February 12, 1997.

The 1995 decision relates to Marcos’ conviction for failing to submit income tax returns (ITR) from 1982 to 1985. This was confirmed by the relevant authorities two years later.

Citing the Court of Appeal’s decision, the petitioners said Marcos had been sentenced to pay a fine of 2,000 for failing to submit ITRs for 1982, 1983 and 1984, and a fine of 30,000 for 1985 “with surcharges.”

The former senator and namesake of the late dictator was also hired to pay the Bureau of Internal Revenue the income taxes due with interest.

The petitioners said they would refer the matter to the electoral commission.

“The certification only consolidates what we said in the petition. The accused has been convicted and the sentence remains unpunished, ”said Te.

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“His persistent evasion of the verdict, coupled with his repeated misrepresentation of his eligibility all the times he ran for public office, are evidence of his intent to deceive voters and fail to abide by the laws he has been given wants to enforce, ”he added.

Marcos’ camp previously claimed that his conviction did not amount to tax evasion as it described the petition as mere “propaganda”. CNN Philippines is trying to get more comments from Marcos.

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