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Kelly Ripa loves her mom through and through, also her voluminous hairstyle.

In honor of Thanksgiving, the Live with Kelly and Ryan cohost leafed through family photo albums and found an incredible one of her mother. Esther Ripa. In one specific picture Kelly posted on Instagram, Esther is wearing a teal long sleeve dress and sporting a beehive hairstyle inspired by the 1960s. She also holds a young Kelly, dressed all in white, on her lap while smiling at the camera.

Kelly paid homage to her mom in an Instagram post with flashback on Friday, crediting the fashion where it was due. “#Fbf especially grateful for this beautiful lady”, Kelly labeled the heartwarming family photo. “Special greetings to mom’s hair. Fortunately, it never collapsed during a single Thanksgiving 🙏🏼🦃🎉. “

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After seeing how much alike Kelly and her mom look like at first sight, fans immediately began to flood the comment section with shocked reactions. “Um, I literally thought it was you! You may have to recreate this! 😍 ❤️ “wrote one person. “You are her clone. Nice ❤️ hair for days 😂 ”added another. “The beautiful Miss Essie kills 😍 🙌 as always,” said another fan.

Among the people who admired the uncanny resemblance were some of Kelly’s celebrity friends. “This hair engagement is really the next level 🙏🏼✨” Lisa Rinna wrote. “OMG! Your hair is EVERYTHING !!! ”Actress Kate Hudson commented. “Oh, she looks just like you !! ❤️ “, broadcast journalist Katie Couric called. “The resemblance is stunning (and that little turkey on her lap 😘),” journalist David Muir quipped.

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In the lead up to the turkey vacation, Kelly also shared a different picture of her parents on their wedding day. “Especially grateful for my ♥ ️ ♥ ️’s Essie and Joe, also known as mom and dad.” she wrote next to it. “(And now the workout before Thanksgiving, where you comb through family photos and old vendettas 🦃) circa: 1962 #grateful.”

Live Fans may already know that the TV personality never misses an opportunity to tell her family how much she loves them, including her older sister. Linda. And if you add in Kelly’s own children, whom she shares with her husband, Mark Consuelos, there is a lot to be thankful for all year round.

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