Amsterdam pub closed after Wybren van Haga had a drink | Domestic – to the world

The BVNL MP was there to record a video about the effects of the evening lockdown. “The son-in-law of the owner of Del Mondo came up to me because his father-in-law was in great trouble with all the lockdowns and asked me if I would like to give him a heart. We were there from four to four-thirty to drink some chocolate and record a film, ”says Van Haga, who found it“ very pleasant ”.

But the owner has to “pay” for this stunt with a temporary closure. Because it was poured after 5 p.m., the mayor decided that the shop must be closed for a week. The sanction came after the property had previously committed “multiple crimes”. “Disgusting and reprehensible,” is how Van Haga calls the sanction. However, this has little impact on the operation of the pub, since, according to the MP, it can hardly be opened anyway.

The action seems to be a setup on a crowdfunding site Gofundme the drink was announced two days ago. The collection counter now stands at over 12,000 euros.


The drinks campaign hit the local VVD and D66 wrong. “The corona crisis affects us all. Extremely hard. Especially the entrepreneurs who have to close their shops at 5 p.m. But then there is Wybren van Haga with supporters who raise the middle finger to all the people who take responsibility, ”writes VVD party leader Claire Martens angry on Twitter about this. Stop doing that!”

D66 party leader Reinier van Dantzig – himself a catering entrepreneur – is angry too. “Nice ass, Van Haga. Everyone sticks to the rules when it’s a tough time and it hurts to be closed. I don’t think that’s possible – even as an entrepreneur. “

Local elections

Wybren van Haga previously told De Telegraaf that he is considering voting in the local elections in Amsterdam. “It is difficult to find candidates willing to sit in that snake pit. The average entrepreneur doesn’t want to spend their time on such nonsense. That’s a shame because I think it’s important that Amsterdam entrepreneurs are represented on the city council. “

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