Actor Baldwin’s career has apparently ended because of the filming. It doesn’t matter, he said – To the world

The 63-year-old actor spoke in more detail about the shooting accident for the first time. During an interview with ABC News’s George Stephanopoulos on Thursday, the question arose whether this could mark the end of his career. “It’s possible,” he said, adding that he didn’t care.

Baldwin also said he did not pull the trigger during the New Mexico October incident. “Somebody put a sharp bullet into the gun,” he said. “And I know it wasn’t me,” he added. The interview was broadcast in the US on Thursday evening.

People most commonly associate actors with the 1992 competitors and the two-year Hunt on a Submarine, or his imitation of Donald Trump on the American sketch show Saturday Night Live.

Tragic shooting: I didn’t pull the trigger, says Baldwin

Baldwin said in an interview that he had no idea what exactly happened during the shooting and how the sharp bullet got into the gun. “But I am in favor of doing everything in our power to prevent or limit further incidents of this kind,” he added.

On the fateful October 21st, his move was coordinated by cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. “She wielded exactly as she imagined, holding the gun so that it was at a good angle,” he recalled. The final position of the weapon was that it was aimed just below her armpit, which was fatal to her.

To shoot on the screen, the actor just had to point the gun, but he didn’t have to literally shoot. “The trigger was not pulled. I didn’t pull the trigger, ”said the actor.

Baldwin described how he held out his hand and was delighted. “And then I let go of the gun and she fired,” he said. In addition to a short interview for the tabloid TMZ, Thursday’s interview was the first of his detailed comments on the events in October. He reportedly only spoke to TMZ to reassure his family.

Why was the gun loaded?

The cameraman died during the incident, helping him find a posture that would look like a camera on camera during the daytime. It hit her with an unexpected shot, and Hutchins was immediately rushed to the hospital by helicopter.

In the end, her injuries were too severe and the cameraman died in the hospital. The bullet also injured director Joel Souza, but the man got away with minor injuries.

According to court records, the actor was handed over by assistant director Dave Halls, who, however, had no idea that there were any sharp bullets in the weapon. “Cold gun!” He shouted as he handed the gun over. This phrase is used so everyone knows that the gun is not loaded with real ammunition.

Death on the spot: Baldwin fired the gun for no reason, according to new indictments

But Halls handled the gun differently from handing it over to Baldwin. It was given to him by the gunsmith Hanna Guiterrez-Reed, who was responsible for all weapons during the filming.

Her lawyers said in an official statement that Guiterrez-Reed had no idea where the live ammunition came from. This question is at the center of the police investigation.

Investigators have already obtained permission to search the ammunition supplier for filming. The affidavit states that the ammunition for the film was supplied by several companies, including PDQ Arm & Prop. Company owner Seth Kenney said the live ammunition could be what is known as reloaded ammunition. He insisted that the ammunition he supplied to the staff consisted of different types of blind ammunition, but there was no live ammunition between them.


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