Ricochet explains why he doesn’t have Heel Turn right now

Right now, don’t expect Ricochet to turn your heel.

Ricochet has been on the WWE roster since 2018. He won the NXT North American Title before eventually being named to the main roster.

Fans could watch Ricochet win the WWE United States Championship for the Raw brand. He only held the title for 21 days.

Ricochet can spin his heels but won’t be anytime soon

„The Future of Flight“ war zu Gast bei Ryan Satins Out of Character-Podcast. During the session, Ricochet said it was not the right time to break away from the babyface role.

“At PWG it was my bread and butter to be the bad guy for years. That’s how I got my popularity. ”“ So if I have to be a bad guy, we all know I can be a bad guy if I have to, but right now I don’t think I have to be. ”

Ricochet also said that he likes to draw from the energy of the crowd. He also likes to play the underdog role against bigger superstars to prove that he belongs.

Ricochet supporters have urged the WWE to use him in a more prominent role. He shone in Money In The Bank ladder matches and NXT showdowns with the likes of Adam Cole and Pete Dunne, but he couldn’t snap up the brass ring.

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