Rendy’s heart broke to pieces after Ketrin asked to break up and choose to be Nino’s wife to refresh the love affair – archyde

BUSINESS POTENTIAL – Watch soap operas Love bond This evening 30. November 2021 at 8 p.m. WIB.

Love bond tonight Redny will show who fell into his heart destroyed in pieces over Katharina much separated because i want to be wife second Nino.

For more details, here is a recap and a summary forecast Love bond This evening.

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Before, Nino Contact Katharina and said he got a call from Penang for eye surgery.

Nino said his parents couldn’t take him because he was sick and asked Katharina to take him.

Katharina then ask Angga and Michi for permission, at first Angga has something against it, but in the end allows Katharina after Michi gave permission Katharina.

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Thereafter, Katharina also said that he would deliver Nino to Penang after cool and cool immediately allowed it.


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