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Government spending spiraling out of control is contributing to this inflationary crisis, say economists

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Justin Trudeau not only doesn’t know what a liter of milk costs, he and his government don’t understand why it’s a problem either. Time and again, when asked about inflation, Trudeau and his ministers respond by discussing their $ 10 a day childcare plan.

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This idea of ​​parents paying only $ 10 a day for childcare not only applies to five years under the government’s own plans, it is completely independent of the inflation issue. Yes, the cost of childcare is high, but that’s not why the cost of gas, heating, groceries, and everything else is rising faster than it should.

Indeed, rising prices across the economy will in turn make childcare provision more expensive. All of this seems to be lost to Trudeau’s government, not just to his Minister for Family Services, Karina Gould, who appeared on CTV’s Question Time on Sunday.

“What will your government do in the short term to deal with the inflationary crisis?” Asked host Evan Solomon.

“Inflation is affecting the whole world right now,” Gould said, noting the obvious.

She mentioned supply chains and the increased global demand for goods before turning to the only answer the Liberals seem to have: childcare deals with provinces.

“We’re signing affordable childcare agreements that make life more affordable for families,” said Gould.

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Solomon pushed back Gould’s evasive response, pointing to steps the Biden administration in the United States is taking to try to contain cost increases.

“There is a difference, as you know like everyone, between the cost of living and inflation,” said Solomon. “Is there a short-term solution on the table?”

Gould reiterated the government’s childcare plan.

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When the Conservatives asked about inflation last week, the Liberals turned to childcare in response. On Wednesday, when Trudeau himself answered every question, he replied with childcare even when asked about food price increases.

Lowering childcare costs is extremely important for families with dependent children, but let’s be honest: that is a small percentage of the population. The Liberal program, which will take five years to bring fees down to $ 10 a day, won’t help people without children or older children.

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If steady-income seniors see food prices rise an average of 14% for beef or nearly 9% for chicken, a $ 10-a-day childcare program that goes into effect five years from now won’t help to pay the grocery bill. As temperatures plummet in our Canadian winter, a childcare plan won’t help if your natural gas bill is up 18% while your paycheck has stayed the same.

A growing chorus of economists is warning the government that their own runaway spending is contributing to this inflationary crisis and they should take their foot off the gas. Trudeau is responding with more government spending, which will only exacerbate the problem.

Trudeau might sound slightly empathetic to Canadians concerned about this issue – and there are plenty of them – but he comes across as cold, aloof, and aloof. It is politically dangerous for him. Even his staunchest supporters know that Trudeau is a trust fund baby who has never had to worry about money in his life – his inability to understand that others have those worries could undermine fragile support.

If his polls drop, maybe Trudeau could finally act.

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