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With gasoline prices breaking R20 per liter by midnight, there are concerns that it will have dire consequences for consumers.

This recent fuel hike will push gasoline prices above R20 in Gauteng and other inland provinces.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy says diesel will rise 72.5 ° C per liter (0.05% sulfur) and 74.5 ° C (0.005% sulfur).

TIED TOGETHER: No respite for drivers, as gasoline consumption increases by 81 c

Luminous paraffin will rise by 42.2 c / l, while the maximum sales price for liquefied gas will be increased by 183.00 c / kg from December 1st.

Bongani Bingwa talks to Automobile Association (AA) spokesman Layton Beard to provide more insight into the return of gasoline prices.

This is going to cause a lot of trouble for people at the pumps, the increase coming from a hike of R1.21 in November. So in two months it has increased by R2.00. This is bad news, not just for drivers, but for all consumers.

Layton Beard, Speaker – Automobile Association (AA)

He says the AA is calling for a review of the fuel tax and a recalculation of all the elements that make up the price of fuel.

Listen to the full conversation below:

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