Courier Blackmail Nintendo Switch and PS5 sold at half price in flea market

PlayStation5 or PS5. (Playstation) – Not just in Indonesia there too delivery man who devoured the package. A local courier Japan allegedly committed embezzlement Console game Nintendo switch and PlayStation 5 or PS5.

Indonesia was shocked some time ago at the news of an Ojol courier (online motorcycle taxi) who was reported to the police for allegedly taking a MacBook Pro M11 for Rp. 67 million.

Untung Putro was the one who reported alleged embezzlement by unscrupulous couriers of online motorcycle taxis (ojol) to the police.

Fortunately, he suspected that the courier had taken the ordered goods in the form of the latest MacBook from one of the marketplaces.

Apparently such cases do not only occur in Indonesia. silicone also reported when there were similar cases in Japan.

Nintendo-Switch. (Nintendo)

The difference is that the Japanese courier embezzled Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5 game consoles.

The case started when a customer bought a Nintendo Switch and a PlayStation 5 to be shipped by freight. The officer in charge of the delivery was a 50-year-old man named Fuyuki Minemura.

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Not just one or two, there are at least 200 items worth more than $ 59,000, or around 845.6 million rupees.

Instead, Minemura sold the items on the Tokyo thrift market for $ 26,000, half the price.

After his arrest, Fuyuki Minemura confessed to the charges made against him.

Accessories for PlayStation 5. (PlayStation)

He claims he has financial problems because he spends most of his money on horse racing.

The number of Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5 misappropriations committed by irresponsible people is sure to be very harmful to consumers.

Especially after Nintendo and Sony agreed to cut production of their game consoles over the next year.

In early November 2021, Nintendo announced that it would produce 20% fewer Switch units than originally planned.

The production plan of 30 million units will be reduced to just 24 units. Meanwhile, Sony reduced its production forecast for the PS5 from 16 million to 15 million units.

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