Total embarrassment in Portugal. The goalkeeper had to play on the field, Benfica scored 7 goals in the half – Post World

In the last game of the 12th round of Portugal’s highest football competition on Saturday, Benfica Belenenses outclassed 7-0 in the Lisbon derby and is two points ahead of FC Porto. It has a good Sunday home game with Vitoria Guimaraes.

The referee had to end the game early at the beginning of the second half. The home team started in just nine without a substitute and a coach, while their substitute goalkeeper Joao Monteiro played on the field from the whistle for a huge marodo in the team caused by the coronavirus.

Belenenses only had to play eight players on the field

What: reuters

In the first half they conceded seven goals, at the beginning of the second only seven because of “injuries”. And after the resignation of another player at the beginning of the second act, referee Manuel Mota had to end the game prematurely, as there were only six home players left.

“It was a shame it was played at all. When we asked the league to reschedule, they declined, saying we had eight players available. Those who forced them to join today are heroes. ” AFP quoted the country’s president, Rui Pedro Soares.

“It’s a black day for Portuguese football. Like the Belenenses, they told us to play. “ That said Benfica President Rui Costa.

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