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Omicron! The latest twist on the Covid that is rocking the planet even has a name worthy of a science fiction series.

But it’s not an asteroid from Star Trek . It is the harsh reality that collectively catches up with us, like a boomerang seeking revenge for our abandoned good intentions.

Still, we were warned: the pandemic will not be over until it is stopped in ALL countries.

And we have neglected poor and developing countries and offer a new playground for the virus.

Blinkers & nbsp;

Since last spring our governments have started a race against time.

To overcome the delta, every effort has been made on the front lines of national vaccination. Reach 70%, then 80%, and then 90% quickly.

But this race has become a retreat in itself.

While we celebrate the return of good weather, “little parties”, the reopening of the borders, we have forgotten a whole part of humanity, vulnerable.

Because since May 2021 Covid has infected 93 million people and killed 1.6 million people. That is a third of all victims worldwide since 2020.

The pandemic has not slowed down. It has accelerated in the poorest countries, Dr. Joanne Liu in an interview on Friday.

The saying, far from the eyes, far from the heart, has never been so true and tragic.

And yet our governments knew & nbsp;

It was written in black and white in the report of the Independent Pandemic Preparation and Response Group mandated by WHO.

It was therefore recommended that a billion doses of vaccine should be distributed in poor countries by the end of the year. So far, only a quarter of the order has been shipped.

Dilemma of the 3rd NS Dose

Now that the fear of Omicron has spread like wildfire, the pressure will be on Quebec to follow in France’s footsteps and give a third dose to the entire adult population.

Should we repeat the same mistake? Maximize our protection while the virus rages and its dangerous mutation continues elsewhere?

Even Dr. Joanne Liu admits that the dilemma is “extremely heartbreaking”.

The only way to get around it is to finally allow developing countries to manufacture their own vaccines. To do this, it would be necessary to treat them as the common good of humanity and to lift the restrictions related to intellectual property.

The test will be done quickly from Monday during the extraordinary session of the World Health Assembly in Geneva.

For all the times Justin Trudeau has announced that “Canada is back,” we dare hope that this time he will cast a strong voice for true global solidarity.

After all, the choice is easier, we have our vaccines for them.

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