Nord Stream 2 can be put into operation without a certificate

In particular, there have been similar examples of gas pipeline launching in the past – they were originally put into operation without receiving the certificate for the North European Gas Pipeline (NEL) and EGL 401 gas pipeline “transit fees for pumping gas through the territory of Ukraine ”Notes the newspaper.

According to the Federal Network Agency, if the pipeline is commissioned without certification, the company faces a fine of around € 1 million.

At the same time, the investments in the construction of Nord Stream 2 amounted to at least 10 billion euros, announced the Handelsblatt.

The Federal Network Agency of the Federal Republic of Germany emphasizes, however, that the two previous cases cannot be compared with the Nord Stream 2 project.

The company to be audited and the certification facts differ “too far”, said a spokesman for the agency of a German newspaper.


Construction of Nord Stream 2, which will connect Germany and the Russian Federation at the bottom of the Baltic Sea bypassing Ukraine, completely completed… On November 8, 2021, Gazprom announced that the pipeline ready to go.

The authorities of Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Moldova, Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are examining the pipeline a threat to energy security Europe.

Joe Biden’s administration spoke against the construction of a gas pipeline, but the head of the White House at the end of May 2021 called it “counterproductive” from the perspective of relations with Europe, the introduction of new sanctions against Nord Stream 2, as the gas pipeline is “practically finished”.

Germany and the US announced on July 21, 2021 that they had completed Agreement on the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline… Germany promised to impose national sanctions on Russia and to demand effective EU measures if Russia continues to use gas a leverage on other countries or “will take further aggressive actions against Ukraine.”

“Operator of GTS of Ukraine” (OGTSU) reportedthat Nord Stream 2 AG, which is wholly owned by Russian Gazprom, applied for certification as an independent operator of the Nord Stream 2 transmission network on September 8th to the Federal Network Agency of the Federal Republic of Germany… The state energy company of Poland PGNiG and its German subsidiary PGNiG Supply & Trading GmbH are approved for the certification process, as well as “Naftogaz Ukrainy” and “Operator of GTS of Ukraine”.

“German wave” found that a preliminary decision on Nord Stream 2 should be made by the Federal Network Agency and then the European Commission has to comment on the gas pipeline, it can take up to four months before a result is available. The German regulatory authority then has two months to make a final decision.

On November 16, it became known that the Federal Network Agency suspended certification “North Stream – 2”. The OGTSU admitted that Gazprom will try to circumvent EU legislation for pipeline certification.

The Ukrainian authorities believe that the Russian Federation has already started use Nord Stream 2 as a weapon – Russia restricts gas exports to Europe to raise prices, create an energy crisis and justify the start of the gas pipeline, which is currently being certified.

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