Moderna is working on a new vaccine against Omicron

By early 2022, the Moderna vaccine against new omicron variant. The medical director of the pharmaceutical company Paul Burton announced in an interview with the BBC, which was reported by the Bloomberg agency.

The expert pointed out that if “the suspicion” that this new omicron variant of the coronavirus could escape current vaccines is confirmed, it will be necessary to develop a new biological product that can deal with the 30 mutations that are being reported Science the new strain and that is why its contagion is so worrying.

Colombia has already published its recommendations and action plan on Omicron, which paralyzed flights to and from Africa and impacted stock markets.

The emergency meeting of G7 health ministers is taking place today to review the action plans for omikron and try to contain the dangerous strain of coronavirus.

According to Burton, in the next two weeks we should “understand the current vaccine’s ability to provide protection” against Omicron.

“When we have to do something new vaccine“I think it would be ready in early 2022 before it really becomes available in large quantities,” he said. “Fast” to develop a biological omicron.

“Micron is a serious threat, says the WHO

A “variant of concern” is the highest category in the list of variants of Covid that is used by. was created World health organization.

The decision increases the growing scientific concern about the dangerousness of this new variant of Omicron, but does not change the facts.

The variant has an amazing collection of mutations that are believed to increase its ability to spread and bypass some, but not all, of vaccine protection.


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