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An Australian hair tool brand sold out “within hours” after Khloe Kardashian advertised the product on her Instagram.

An Australian hair tool brand sold out “within hours” after Khloe Kardashian shared the product with her 199 million Instagram followers.

The previous one Keeping up with the Kardashians star promoted Mermade Hair in a tutorial over the weekend, stating that she was “so excited” to try the hair waving tool – which leaves users with mermaid-like waves in their hair.

“I am very happy to show you the Mermade Pro Waver. Now I see this on my exploration page. I have my friends who use it all the time and I’m really excited to show you guys how easy it is, ”she said in the clip that has been viewed more than 7.7 million times.

An insider said The daily telegraph that she was paid a six-figure sum to post via the $ 89 tool.

And it paid off – while the tool was blown up by local influencers like Nadia Bartel and Skye Wheatley – the Mermade Pro Waver was sold out “within hours” of Kardashian posting.

“Sales exceeded expectations, which means a record 24 hours for Mermade Hair,” said founder Tara Simich.

“It feels pretty surreal and we were overwhelmed by the positive feedback. The post currently has 7.7 million views, which is fantastic for global brand awareness. ”

Speaking to, Simich announced that the brand will “reach new heights” in 2022 with a new line of patented hotel tools and fortnightly accessory releases that “promise the way we style hair and recycle and change our packaging ”.

“We take a hands-on, data-driven approach to identifying gaps in the market in order to deliver a breakthrough customer experience,” she said.

“We not only observe market trends in general, but also listen to our customers. Hence, a highly anticipated range of straighteners will hit the market in January after identifying them as the top keyword searched on our search online store.

“Among the hot tools and accessories, Mermade Hair will be launching its highly anticipated hair care range that will revolutionize the way hair care works with hair tools.”

The mother of two from Perth, founded by Simich in 2018, sold Mermade exclusively on Instagram – and three years later it is in stock at Harvey Norman, Domayne and Myer.

While the brand started with their iconic waver, it now includes dryers, curling irons, and accessories.


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